Dokkhuset Scene Torsdag 14 nov kl. 20:00

Alex Ventling & Phelan Burgoyne, ’The View’ + PHØNIX, ‘Intergalloptic Roundtrip’

A double-release concert, with Alex Ventling & Phelan Burgoyne’s ’The View’ and PHØNIX’s ‘Intergalloptic Roundtrip’ – an eventful and musically varied evening of rising-star bands.

Alex Ventling & Phelan Burgoyne, ’The View’

After 8 years of collaboration, British drummer and composer, Phelan Burgoyne, and New Zealand rising-star pianist, Alex Ventling, release their awaited debut album, ‘THE VIEW’ – a culmination of the duo’s musical development in a robust and shining statement. The album presents compositions by both musicians, in a journey through lyrical improvisations, choral-like piano movements, synth empowered grooves and prepared-piano textures.

The rich and percussive interweaving of piano and drums in the intimate duo setting, opens the door to a vast sound-world of possible colours and textures, giving the pair freedom and space to explore and improvise together. The connection built over years of musical friendship is unmistakable in their sensitive interplay, with the resulting music clear and honest with impressive maturity and humility. The album will be released on November 15th on Sonic Transmissions Records.

Alex Ventling – piano, synth
Phelan Burgoyne – drums

PHØNIX, ‘Intergalloptic Roundtrip’

“Intergalloptic Roundtrip” brings PHØNIX’ eclectic desert-themed music out in space! The concept album conveys the epic adventure of PHØNIX’ unnamed protagonist simply known as “Cowperson” aboard the spaceship “Horseback”. PHØNIX has spread their wings with their second album, expanding the instrumentation by adding deeper baritone guitars, bass synth and drum machines. The three band members push their musical possibilities towards a rawer, more energetic and fuller expression.

PHØNIX, formerly known as Emil Storløkken Åse’s PHOENIX, entered the Norwegian music scene in 2021. Performing at stages and clubs across the country, they have impressed audiences and critics with their groovy riffs, powerful interplay and joyful energy. The 48-minute double-LP will be released on November 15th on Sonic Transmissions Records.

Emil Storløkken Åse – guitars
Jenny Frøysa – baritone saxophone, bass synth
August Glännestrand – drums, drum machine

Arr: Dokkhuset Scene og Trondheim Jazzforum