Tech spec Dokkhuset Scene

Stage is 10m wide x 5m deep x 0,5m high. Stage-to-ceiling clearance is 3m. Bare in mind that there is always one full sized Steinway grand piano placed (and taking up space) on stage.
(6) 1x2m Nivtech riser with some different length of legs.

PA: VUE Audiotechnik al-series line array + hs-series subs + h-8 front-/center-fills.
FOH: Midas Pro2 digital mixing console, Lexicon PCM91, tc D2, Dante network bridge.
Monitors: 10 x L-Acoustics MTB112, coaxial passive wedge, 4 programs amplification.
Mics: (1)Shure Beta52, (1)Beta91, (5)Beta58, (2)Beta87, (3)SM58, (4)SM57, (1)ksm-9, (1)ksm137, (2) AKG C-480, (1)C-460, (1)C-535, (2)C-214, (2)AudioTechnica ATM-4050SM, (6)ATM-350, (5)AT-4033a, (1)Sennheiser e965, (1)e906, (2)DPA 2011c, (1)4099B.
Over stage ceiling mic’s: (4)AT 4041. For recording in front pipe: Stereo pair Milab VM44.
D.I.boxs: (4)LA Audio, (3)MTR, (1)Radial AV2, (2)KlarkTeknik DN100
Wireless microphones:
–    (4) channels Shure ULX-D reciever.
–    (4) beltpacks Shure ULX-D w/PSA pilot mic
–    (3) Shure ULX-D hand held Beta58
–    (2) Shure ULX-D hand held KSM9

Dim: (4)Okero 619, 6x13A dim
MA onPC Command Wing w/Mac Mini and a 20″ Sharp multitouch monitor
(4) Martin ERA 300, Moving head, LED profil
(6) Martin MAC Aura, Moving head, LED wash light
(8) Bright X-bar V2, LED wash light
(12) ProLights Studio COB plus FC, LED lyskaster
(4) Par64 ShortNose
(12) Lampo/Teatro Comma/LDR Tempo, fresnell 650W
(10) Fresnell, Arri 650 PLUS
(4) ETC Selador Vivid-R Led Fixture
(8) Source Four jr. Profil
(4) LDR RIMA S500 Symetric flooder
Front pipe 3m from stage, downstage-, center stage- and upstage pipe and side pipes

(1) Panasonic PT-MZ670EJ 3LCD Laser, WUXGA, 6500lm
(1) ATEM BlackMagic Television Studio video mixer
(1) Custom 5 x 3m motorized screen, upstage
(1) 2,30 x 1,50 m manual screen, downstage
(2) 42” screen in-ceiling back-of-venue

(1) VOX AC30 CC2, 2×12” combo amp
(1) Fender Twin Reverb Reissue 65 combo 2×12”
(1) Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb (på utlån fra Trondheim Jazzforum)
(1) David Eden Wourld Tour 800 bass amp. (1)Eden 410 + (1) Eden 15” cab.
(2) Gallien-Krueger MB-150S-III/112 bass combo. (1 stk. på utlån fra Trondheim Jazzforum)
(1) Drumset Yamaha Absolute:
– 18” + 20″ + 24“ kick, 14″ SN, 8” + 10″ + 12″ tom, 14″ + 16” + 18” fl. tom,
Hi-hat stand, (7) cymbal stand w/boom, (2) snare stand, (2) adjustable drum stool,
kick pedal DW 5000
(1) Steinway model D-274 grand piano
(1) Yamaha concert up-right piano
(1) padded adjustable piano stool