Dokkhuset Scene Onsdag 16 okt kl. 20:00


Melissa Aldana – ‘Echoes Of The Inner Prophet’

Melissa Aldana – tenor saxophone
Lage Lund – guitar and effects
Fabian Almazan – piano and effects
Pablo Menares – bass
Kush Abadey – drums

A fascinating paradox defines Echoes Of The Inner Prophet, Melissa Aldana’s follow-up to her acclaimed Blue Note Records debut as a leader, 2022’s 12 Stars. As the GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist and composer explains, her new album reflects her “personal journey, with an especially introspective point of view. The inner prophet is my own self, now older, who has the knowledge and the intuition and the truth about what my path should be.

“So it’s this idea of connecting with that inner prophet,” she continues, “which reveals things about myself, including those things I don’t like.”

At the same time, this deeply intimate, searching project is a celebration of collaboration and community. It documents the evolution of her quintet — Lage Lund, guitar and effects; Fabian Almazan, piano and effects; Pablo Menares, bass; Kush Abadey, drums — capturing the collective insight they’ve garnered after extensive touring and travel, and arguing for their place among the most incisive working groups in jazz today.

Arr: Dokkhuset Scene