Dokkhuset Scene Lørdag 23 mar kl. 14:00

NTNU forskningskonsert: Mathieu Lacroix

Denne forskningskonserten skal handle om hvordan synkronisering påvirker kompositoriske prosesser ved å bruke en ny komposisjon for piano og elektronikk. Hvordan blir de kompositoriske prosesser påvirket av elektronikken? Hvordan påvirker synkroniseringen musikeren?

Urframføring av stykket Anomie v/ Bahareh Ahmadi, klaver.

Mathieu Lacroix is a Canadian-born composer, producer and sound programmer based in the medieval capital of Norway. Early on, he decided to pursue his interests in the field of contemporary composition with an emphasis on mixed music. This meant studying composition with some of Norway’s leading composers.

He has also worked/studied with figures such as Natasha Barrett, Kaija Saariaho, Terje Bjørklund, Christian Eggen, and Maja Ratkje as well as having taken formations at IRCAM, Mixtur, Manifeste, etc. He is currently a Ph.D candidate focusing on the influence between compositional processes and electronics in mixed music. He has also presented at several international conferences.

Ingen aldersgrense/åpent for alle!

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