Dokkhuset Scene Mandag 7 nov kl. 19:00

Hübsch/Zoubek/Martel + Håkon Thelin solo

HÅKON THELIN (solo) Thelin performs with the ensembles Oslo Sinfonietta and POING, and also regularly with Ensemble Modern and musikFabrik. At present, his main interest lies in the combination of contemporary music and folk music, and in the sonic exploration of harmonics and multiphonics on the double bass.

Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Germany) – tuba, objects
Pierre-Yves Martel (Canada) – viola da gamba, harmonica
Philip Zoubek (Austria) – prepared piano

Music that transports the listener to wondrous landscapes of secrecy and transparency. Highly virtuosic and with a rich vocabulary of extended techniques, these three musicians tell a captivating story. A quiet and pointillistic communication and a surprisingly new combination of instruments: viola da gamba, piano and tuba.

Hübsch Martel Zoubek have been performing as a trio since 2012. Since releasing their first album June 16 on the Berlin-based label Schraum, they have performed concerts across Europe, two of which were recorded by the ORF (austrian national radio) and Radio-France.

They will be releasing a second album this fall on Tour de bras Records and performing concerts across Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany and Norway.

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