Dokkhuset Scene Mandag 17 nov kl. 20:00



Arve Henriksen – Drums, trumpet, voice and electronics
Ståle Storløkken – Keyboards and electronics
Helge Sten – Guitar, keyboards and electronics

Johan Berntsen – FOH sound engineer
Pekka Stokke – visuals

Supersilent is, in a sense, the flagship group of Rune Grammofon, and seems to embody the label’s manifesto. Supersilent was formed by the alliance of an existing improvisation group called Veslefrekk – with ten years of playing history behind them – with producer/sound manipulator Helge Sten (aka Deathprod). They played together for the first time, without any prior rehearsal, in 1997, and immediately made headlines.

The musical success of the experiment convinced the participants that this had to be a permanent group, and they went into the studio to record many hours of non-stop improvisation from which resulted their debut triple album. “1-3” was released in Norway in late 1997, and it´s monumental collection of mostly hardcore improvisation was seen as a brave step for both the band and the label, seeing that it was both parties first output. Supersilent – the name, by the way, derives from a logo on the side of a truck spotted in Oslo – was quick to build a reputation as one of Scandinavia’s
most viscerally exciting concert acts.

All parameters are open. From moment to moment, they can touch on elements of hardcore noise, imply industrial soundscapes, recall Miles at the Fillmore or Stockhausen in Donaueschingen, or play the most delicate and filigree “ambient” sound-washes. Every recording and every concert is a unique occasion, not to be repeated, and their music lives in a no-man’s-land between the genres, somewhere between rock, electronica, jazz and modern composition. It can sometimes appear to be written or at least arranged, again making it clear that these musicians communicate on a high, almost telepatic level. There is a savage beauty in this music, with lyricism and disruptive fierceness counterbalancing each other.

On September 19 Supersilent will release a brand new record, their first in four years. Recorded during three different sessions back in 2011, Supersilent «12» is produced by Deathprod from hours of recordings at his own Audio Virus LAB, Athletic Sound in Halden and the Emanuel Vigeland Museum, known for its 20 second natural reverb. The album brings further evidence to their unclassifiable musical journey, as they move further towardsmthe avant garde territory populated by Deathprod and current Arve Henriksen release «Chron». mThe last 17 years the group have released 12 albums, toured around the world and collaborated with the likes of Terje Rypdal, Nils Petter Molvær, Motorpsycho, Stian Westerhus and John Paul Jones (ex Led Zeppelin / Them Crooked Vultures).

This fall the group will tour as a trio, focusing on a purely electronic output with ramshackle beats and skewed rhythms, as well as together with the groundbreaking guitarist Stian Westerhus, for an epic
journey into the unknown.

ARR: Dokkhuset Scene