Lux Boreal: Johanna Borchert (DK/DE) & Johanna Elina Sulkunen (FI/DK)

Lørdag 29 apr 20.00

  Dokkhuset Scene Lørdag 29 apr  20.00


Lux Boreal – A nomadic festival of Nordic music! Composers/artist that are playfully shaping their own musical language between pop, jazz, contemporary classical, and electronic music.

Johanna Borchert
Johanna Borchert – piano and vocals
Simon Toldam – keyboards
Peter Bruun – drums

Since her first song album FM Biography, both jazz and pop audiences have been deeply impressed by Johanna Borchert. German public radio station BR5 declared the record a «masterpiece of quiet tones» and the Süddeutsche Zeitung heard «a new cosmos of sound full of harmoniously balanced contrasts». Many journalists drew comparisons to Laurie Anderson and Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and Björk as well as to the later work of Kate Bush.

Now the multi-award-winning song poet, singer and pianist has released the powerful new album Amniotic, which again positions itself between genres. At the center of the songs and improvisations is her refined playing on the grand piano, rooted in jazz and classical music, with her dynamic, charismatic voice.The songs of Amniotic are intense, sonically revolving around the theme of the development of life before, during and immediately after birth.

Johanna Elina Sulkunen
Johanna Sulkunen is a Finnish experimental vocalist, composer and improviser based in Copenhagen since 2009. She has released two critically acclaimed solo albums as Johanna Elina and is a part of the award winning vocal ensemble IKI. In 2018 she launched the experimental solo project Sonority, and ever since the symbiosis of vocals and electronics have been in the center of her career.

She is a frequent collaborator with other artists as well and has performed with iconic jazz & improv musicians such as Tomasz Stanko, Axel Dörner, Koichi Makigami and many others. Likewise she has worked with various interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with dancers,poets and filmmakers. Originally labeled as an exciting voice on the alternative jazz scene, Sulkunen has expanded her range of work to span everything from jazz experimental pop to free improvisation, electronic music and avant-garde.

  • “An artist who dares to take the step far beyond the established” -LIRA

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Arr: Dokkhuset Scene/Lux Boreal