Søndag 26 feb 20.00

  Dokkhuset Scene Søndag 26 feb  20.00


Craig Taborn- piano/electronics
Tomeka Reid- cello
Ches Smith- percussion/drums

In Fall of 2018 the three piece ensemble of Craig Taborn, Tomeka Reid, and Ches Smith was convened to perform a new book of Taborn’s compositions that crossed the boundaries of contemporary chamber music, improv/jazz, and groove and roots musics from Africa and the Caribbean.

The music required an instrumentation that could maneuver through these rapid shifts seamlessly. Utilizing Tomeka Reid’s fluency as a cellist and improviser, Ches Smith’s versatility moving from traditional drum set to more extended percussion set-ups, and Taborn’s approaches to piano and electric/electronic keyboards the music moves deftly from intricately crafted chamber miniatures through energetic explorations while finding its roots in true groove and melody.  The group’s inspirations include Sun Ra, Mammane Sani, Don Cherry, Conlon Nancarrow, and Art Ensemble of Chicago and Drexciya.

Arr: Dokkhuset Scene