RACHEL ECKROTH – ‘THE GARDEN’ feat. Tim Lefebvre & Christian Euman

Tirsdag 30 mai 20:00

  Dokkhuset Scene Tirsdag 30 mai  20:00


RACHEL ECKROTH – THE GARDEN feat. Tim Lefebvre & Christian Euman

Rachel Eckroth, piano, vocals
Tim Lefebvre, electric bass
Christian Euman, drums

Rachel Eckroth is a Grammy nominated American singer-songwriter and keyboardist from Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently the keyboardist for alternative musician St. Vincent and singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright after being the keyboardist for jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, singer-songwriter KT Tunstall, and The Meredith Vieira Show. Her latest album ‘The Garden’ was released by Rainy Days Records in 2021.

Pianist, composer and singer Rachel Eckroth’s first release on Rainy Days Records unveils fresh sounds from her evolving artistry. Steeped in synth orchestration, ‘The Garden’ reflects a nuanced exploration of sonic impulses and inquiries alongside Eckroth’s signature layered compositions and glimmers of trance-inducing vocals.

With contributions from acclaimed guitarist Nir Felder, saxophonists Donny McCaslin and Andrew Krasilnikov and modular synth master Austin White, and a core band featuring bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Christian Euman, The Garden emerged conceptually while Eckroth was writing new music during the pandemic. “Everything on the album has a different feel to it — different colors and textures,” says the West Coast artist. “It felt like a garden. So we just rolled with it.”

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Arr: Dokkhuset Scene