Theo Croker || BLK2LIFE

Lørdag 8 okt 20:00

  Dokkhuset Scene Lørdag 8 okt  20:00


Theo Croker || BLK2LIFE

Theo Croker – trumpet, vox, laptop, efex
Mike King – keys + piano
Eric Wheeler – bass (acoustic & electric)
Shekwaga Ode – drums + (acoustic & electric)

Theo Croker is a storyteller who speaks through his trumpet. A creative who refuses boundaries, the GRAMMY®️ Award-nominated artist, composer, producer, thought leader, and influencer projects his voice through the music.

After seven years of sojourn in Shanghai, Croker crash-landed with a simmering original sound on the 2014 Dee Dee Bridgewater-assisted album «Afro Physicist». Following the success of «Escape Velocity» in 2016, he ascended to a new stratosphere with «Star People Nation» in 2019.

The record garnered a nomination in the category of «Best Contemporary Instrumental Album» at the 62nd GRAMMY®️ Awards. It attracted widespread critical acclaim including The New York Times who called it “an album that gallivants from swirling, left-field hip-hop beats to propellant swing to entrancing passages of African percussion.

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Arr: Dokkhuset Scene