Meta.Morf 2022 – Ecophilia: Sonotopia – A Memory of Shadows (Extinction Symphony) – Gisle Martens

Lørdag 21 mai 21:00

  Dokkhuset Scene Lørdag 21 mai  21:00

Meta.Morf 2022 – Ecophilia / Dokkhuset / Concert May 21 @ 21.00 / Doors open 20.30
(tickets NOK 190/250)

Sonotopia – A Memory of Shadows (Extinction Symphony)
Gisle Martens [NO]

In an overgrown post-apocalyptic landscape, a cautious figure explores broken detritus, lost media, and memory fragments from the ruins of a familiar civilization. Small sounds, tones, and videos gently flicker and glitch to life among the giant mobile phone tombstones and scattered clusters of dead screens and tablets.

A fragile tonality appears in the unstable memories. A shadow of melody takes shape. From a future mirror echoes the music of everything we lost.

Sonotopia – A Memory of Shadows is an audiovisual real-time live performance and installation. It investigates the atmosphere, sound, and musicality of extinction. The work explores vast ruins and specific memories, in the scope from singular phenomena currently under threat of extinction or abandonment, all the way up to civilizational collapse.

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