Meta.Morf 2022/JAZZFEST: Every living thing will die – Eirik Havnes & Lars Ove Fossheim

Onsdag 18 mai 20:00

  Dokkhuset Scene Onsdag 18 mai  20:00

Meta.Morf 2022 – Ecophilia / Dokkhuset / Concert May 18 @ 20.00 / Doors open 19.30
Tickets NOK 190/250

Alt som lever skal dø (Every living thing will die)
Eirik Havnes [NO] & Lars Ove Fossheim [NO]
Every living thing will die is a performance that asks, and even attempts to answer, a lot of answerless questions.

Are we humans still a part of nature, or have we parted and are now looking at nature from the outside, rather trying to manage it? What kind of value is there in all our knowledge about math, philosophy, art and technology? Will there still be any value left in a world without humans to observe it? That world will exist at some point in time. Either in a hundred or a hundred thousand years, there will be a world without us. If humanity, our greed and our cognitive abilities have been developed by evolution, does that imply that letting humans destroy the climate simply will be an act of letting evolutions take its course?

Every living thing will die is a text based performance, about the relationship between humans and nature and how they relate. The text is written by Eirik Havnes, music by Lars Ove Fossheim and Eirik Havnes for a quartet of them and drummer Martin Langlie and tubaist Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck.

Eirik Havnes is a poet that brings existential thoughts and problems into an everyday conversation, in an unique and informal mix of rhyming poetry and well timed monologues. A format he found and perfected in the 2020 live recorded show “Life” that describes a life from conception till death. This time around he focuses on not a singular life, but life on earth in general, humanity as a concept and the absurdity of life, in a high paced enchanting monologue.

The music is a playful mix of 80s retrofuturism, science fiction, harsh noise, field recordings and fundamental music principles found in enthic music from all over the world. A musical journey that combines the obviously technological, structured and digital with the chaotic, organic and natural.

Text: Eirik Havnes
Music: Lars Ove Fossheim

Lars Ove Fossheim, guitar, electronics
Eirik Havnes, guitar, electronics
Martin Langlie, drums, electronics
Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck, tuba, electronics

The performance is a commissioned work for Meta.Morf 2022 under the auspices of Jazzfest and TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter.

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